I got a call from an out of town client who had their home listed with another broker. They did not know why their home had not sold, and asked me to look in to the situation. I had actually previewed the home for another client and knew the issue…STAGING! Because the home was vacant, and had already been on the market 6 months, and missed its prime opportunity, all we could do was make it sparkle and shine…while looking like a new and different place. We:

-Painted ($1800)
-Deep cleaned ($275)
-Replaced regular bulbs with halogen bulbs ($125)
-Replaced shower heads, and re-grouted shower ($100)
-Put fresh flowers, and scented candles out ($50)
-Use a professional photographer with a CREATIVE view, not the standard home shots. (Paid by broker)

The home had been listed for 469k…Dropped to 459k…then 449k And now you are dealing with a stigmatized property. As it stood the market value on the home was around $429,000. We SOLD the home in TWO weeks for $448,000!

After new photos had been taken, the home sold in 2 weeks for 448k!!! Make sure your agent is presenting the home with its best image shining from the front door! #alittlepaintgoesalongway!photo 1[2]

photo 2[2]

photo 3[7]

photo 4[4]

photo 5