As you know, I make a donation from every transaction on behalf of my clients. Recently, Amy Jacobson made me aware of Urban Peak ( Urban Peak feeds the homeless YOUTH in Denver…Yes, YOUTH, as in teens who have no home, no food. It was a wonderful interruption to the things I allow myself to complain about. Their shelter is at full capacity right now (it is 18 degrees in Denver) and they need our financial support.

SO: I have just posted for every new like on my facebook page between now and Thanksgiving Day, I will be making a $5 donation to Urban Peak, UP to $1,250.00. PLEASE join in, spread the word:

If you would like to participate further, please go over to: and hit the donate now button.

I am adding to my list next week:
-I am thankful for my home
-I am thankful for my food
-I am thankful I have never gone without either

Cheers to you all!

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