As our custom, we are excited to announce 2 new local non-profits that have been the recipients of our transaction donations. My client Betty Hitchcock has chosen to split the $2,000 set aside for her transactions:

1) Maxfund No-Kill Animal Shelter will receive $1,000. Maxfund has just celebrated their 25th year as a No-Kill shelter, and they have done an INCREDIBLE job reaching out to the community, and placing these animals in the right homes. To read more about MaxFund, or to get involved, please check out: Thank YOU MaxFund for all you are doing to help these animals find homes. We appreciate all your hard work!

2) Betty had asked me about local non-profits I had worked with to send the other $1,000, and I shared about HIV Carelink. HIV Carelink exists to offer help to those living with HIV/AIDS. The director has an incredible life story, and has devoted his life to reaching out to those affected by this disease. They help with transportation, and housing primarily, and are also a resource for making sure these folks have a consistent contact person on the other end of anything they may need. To learn more about HIV Carelink go to:

If you are reading this, and are looking for a non-profit to get involved with, please contact one of these non-profits!

“The highest of distinctions is service to others.”
King George IV (1762-1830);
King Of Great Britain, Ireland And Hanover

Again, thank you MaxFund, and HIV Carelink for devoting your lives to changing our community! We are thankful to know and be associated with you!

Nate Postlethwait

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