What an honor to be a local business and have your clients share their passions about the different non-profits here in Denver. I thoroughly enjoy every avenue of the real estate process, but beyond aiming to provide great service, is the calling to make a difference. One of the ways is to build a sense of community and share the vision of having long term impact with my clients for our city.

Once all of our contingencies are removed, and the closing date and time is on our calendar, I explain to my clients, that I need them to research some local non-profits, and find one that means the most to them. Upon doing so, I will make a MINIMUM $500 donation on their behalf.

My latest clients, Josh and Emmy Gaines chose “Hands of The Carpenter” to be the recipient of the $500 donation. This organization is doing amazing, and selfless things for widows and single moms throughout Denver. THANK YOU Hands of The Carpenter for what you do! Thank you for making a difference!!

To read more about them, please check out www.Handsofthecarpenter.org.

“The highest of distinctions is service to others.”
King George IV (1762-1830);
King Of Great Britain, Ireland And Hanover

If you have a non-profit we should know about, please send the information our way! Hopefully, they will be a recipient of a donation very soon!

Til next time,
Nate Postlethwait

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