Remember those moments in your life where you daydreamed about circumstances coming together, and going for the goal, even though everyone else warned you of the risks? Several years ago, I sat in my office in Franklin, TN writing a plan for a Real Estate brand named “Nate Post Homes”. At the time, I was selling around 12M a year as a single agent, and for some reason, it still was not satisfying. As I sat I jotted down my visionary notes, I came up with this:

-You are ONLY going to be satisfied with the success if you are making a difference in your community in other ways.
-If you continue to grow as an agent, you must be growing as a person as well.
-With success, comes an opportunity to lead others to impacting the world around them, so lead them there.
-I am passionate about real estate.
-I am extremely passionate about people.

In choosing to “live out the vision” for my life, I knew I needed time and space before diving back in to launching a new brand. I had an exhilarating break for 3 years. While working at one of the largest brokerages in the world, I was able to fine tune my vision. Within that vision, came a move to the city I have always loved…the most.

Today, my daydreams, and years of planning and hard work become a reality. Today, I present to you Nate Post Homes, “Where a passion for real estate meets a passion for people”. NPH is a real estate brand that is backed by an agent ranked in the top 1% in the nation. With that expertise is a passion for YOU, the client. We want to take you through this process and celebrate the next chapter with you.

The best part: We will be giving a MINIMUM $500 donation to a local non-profit for each transaction. THIS is what matters most in our brand! This is where Nate Post Homes is determined to make a difference!

We welcome you, and look forward to making a difference with you!

Nate Postlethwait
Owner, Nate Post Homes

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